Hot Food Menu


Edamame £3.50
Soy Beans sprinkled with salt

Seaweed Salad £3.50

Ohitashi £3.00
coldspinach with sesame seeds.

Horenso Goma-ae £3.50
cold spinach with peanut dressing sprinkled with sesame seeds

Harusame Salad £4.50
vermicelli salad with seaweed, cucumber and seafood with a Japanese style dressing

Spring rolls £4.50
Homemade crispy vegetable spring rolls

Veggie Gyoza £4.50
pan fried vegetable dumplings

Chicken Gyoza £5.00
pan fried chicken and vegetable dumplings

Agedashi Dofu £4.00
deep fried bean curd served with a warm sauce, ginger and spring onion

Tofu steak £5.50
deep fried tofu sautéed in a delicious ginger sauce, served on a bed of bean sprouts

Tori Kara age £5.00
marinated chicken pieces deep fried in a crispy batter


Small Tom Yum £4.50
famous spicy Thai soup with fish, prawns, squid and chicken, topped with coriander

Miso Soup £2.00
soybean soup with bean curd, seaweed and spring onion


Assorted Tempura £8.50
2 king prawns and vegetables deep fried in a light batter served with traditional dipping sauce

Ebi Tempura £9.50
5 King prawns deep-fried in batter

Yasai Tempura £7.50
Vegetables deep-fried, served as above

Donburi (rice dishes)

Ten Don £9.50
deep fried king prawns and vegetables on rice drizzled with delicious sweet soy sauce

Sukiyaki Don £9.50
stir fried beef, shitake mushroom, tofu and vegetables with sweet soy sauce, garlic and ginger served on rice

Katsu Don £9.50
deep fried pork in breadcrumbs cooked in a special sauce with onion and egg served on rice

Chicken Katsu Don £9.50
deep fried chicken in breadcrumbs, served as above

Special Fried Rice £6.00
fried rice with chicken, egg and vegetables

Vegetarian fried rice £5.50
fried rice with eggs and vegetables

Egg fried rice £4.00
fried rice with egg

Steamed rice £2.00
plain white rice sprinkled with sesame seeds

Soup Noodles

Nabeyaki Udon £11.50
soup noodles cooked and served in an iron pot with chicken, egg and vegetables topped with one prawn tempura

Vegetarian Miso Ramen £8.50
Japanese egg noodles in soy bean based soup with cabbage, beansprout, seaweed, spinach and spring onion

Large Tom Yum £9.00
Spicy soup noodles with chicken and seafood,topped with spring onion and coriander

Stir Fried Noodles

Chicken or Tofu £9.00
Prawns £10.00

Pad Thai
Fried rice noodles with egg and vegetables flavoured with ground peanut, lemon fish sauce and spicy sauce.

Yaki Udon
fried thick noodles with vegetables and soy sauce.

Yaki Soba
fried egg noodles with vegetables in a Japanese style sauce.


Red Thai curry
Chicken £9.00
Prawns £10.00

spicy red curry with bamboo shoots, courgette, peas, peppers and sweet basil leaves served with steamed rice.

Green Thai curry
Chicken £9.00
Prawns £10.00

spicy green curry with chicken or prawns, served with steamed rice.

Vegetarian curry £8.50
Mixed vegetables cooked in red or green curry sauce

Roast Duck Curry £10.00
Slices of duck in red curry sauce with pineapple, tomato, peppers and sweet basil leaves

Japanese Katsu £9.50
curry - deep-fried pork or chicken in breadcrumbs on rice topped with delicious Japanese style curry sauce

Fish & Meat Dishes

Shake Teriyaki £9.50
succulent slices of salmon, glazed with our homemadeTeriyaki sauce

Beef Teriyaki £11.50
beef steak with Teriyaki sauce served sizzling hot on a bed of beans sprout

Tori Teriyaki £9.50
Chicken with Teriyaki sauce served as above